Which of Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery, Soft Pack Battery and Cylindrical Battery will be the mainstream of power batteries in the future?

According to statistics, there are three types of lithium batteries currently on the market: square, cylindrical and soft packs. They are all lithium batteries. What are the differences between these three types of batteries?

According to statistics, lithium batteries have been widely used in electric vehicles and electrochemical energy storage in recent years. The main lithium batteries currently on the market generally include Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery, cylindrical battery and soft pack battery. Both are lithium batteries, so what is the difference between the three?
Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery 402030 is generally operated by winding or lamination process. Due to the high energy density, the battery cycle life is also very long. The outer shell is a steel shell or aluminum shell. Now with the improvement of the process, the current Began to mainly use aluminum shell. Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery 402030 occupies the mainstream in the field of electric vehicles, and the BMW i3 uses Samsung SDI's square batteries. It is understood that in 2018, the market share of Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery was already 80%.

Because of its high cost performance and safety, Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery is very popular in the field of electrochemical energy storage. The batteries it uses are high-quality CATL batteries. At present, many battery companies have been involved in the R&D and production of Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery on a large scale.

Cylindrical lithium batteries have the most mature technology, the highest degree of production automation, and lower costs. The American Tesla Motors originally used the 18650 cylindrical battery, and later announced the adoption of a new model-21700 cylindrical battery in the Model 3 car series. Tesla's preference for cylindrical batteries is the cylindrical battery in the field of electric vehicles. trump card".

Soft-pack lithium batteries are liquid lithium-ion batteries covered with a layer of aluminum-plastic film packaging. Soft-pack batteries generally have the advantages of good heat dissipation performance, high space utilization efficiency and light weight. Currently, this battery is considered a dark horse in the power car market. According to relevant data, in the first quarter of this year, the increase in the installed capacity of three types of batteries, the increase of soft pack batteries is slightly lower than the 205% of Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery, to 200%, and the installed capacity of cylindrical batteries is slightly lower than that of soft pack batteries.

Therefore, based on the current data, the main product type of mainstream power battery companies in the market is Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery, followed by soft packs. Since the beginning of the year, the output of cylindrical batteries has been gradually reduced and a large number of them have been transferred to the consumer market.