Which battery is more suitable for new energy vehicles, Rechargeable Cylindrical Pouch Battery and Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery?

A good electric vehicle is inseparable from a good power battery. The battery is the heart of a new energy vehicle. Its quality determines the performance and life of the vehicle. At present, the mainstream batteries on the market are generally cylindrical, square and other types. Therefore, in the future, is Rechargeable Cylindrical Pouch Battery more practical or Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery more suitable for new energy vehicles? Now let’s give everyone a popular science.

First of all, let’s talk about cylindrical lithium batteries. Generally, cylindrical lithium batteries have many models. The current battery production process is very mature, so the cost of PACK is relatively low, and the battery product yield and battery pack consistency are high. ; Cylindrical batteries are generally due to the large heat dissipation area of ​​the group, so the heat dissipation performance is better than that of square batteries; cylindrical batteries can generally be combined with a variety of forms, so they are very suitable for the full layout of electric vehicle space design. However, cylindrical batteries are generally encapsulated in steel shells or aluminum shells, so the weight will be heavier and the energy will be relatively low.

The shell of Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery is generally made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other materials, and the interior is generally wound or laminated. The safety of the battery core has also been greatly improved compared with the cylindrical battery. Compared with the steel shell of a cylindrical lithium battery, the light weight, safety and the resulting performance advantages will make the aluminum shell the mainstream of the lithium battery shell. The aluminum shell of lithium battery is currently still developing in the technical direction of high hardness and light weight. Square lithium batteries can generally be customized according to the product size, so there are thousands of models on the market, because there are too many models, so the process is difficult to unify, so currently cylindrical batteries are more suitable for new energy vehicles .