Features and Applications of Li-polymer Coin Battery

Lithium batteries made of lithium have the characteristics of lightness, durability, high stability and long-lasting power. However, the chemical properties of lithium metal are very active, which makes the processing, storage and use of lithium metal have environmental requirements very high. With the continuous development of science and technology, the manufacturing process of lithium batteries has become increasingly mature. Manufacturing lithium batteries is no longer a problem for people, and lithium batteries have become the mainstream of batteries because of their relatively good performance. In order to allow lithium batteries to be better used in other products, people have designed various shapes of lithium batteries, and li-polymer coin battery is a very representative one. 
      Lithium batteries generally have a nominal voltage higher than 3 volts and are suitable for making integrated circuit power supplies. In addition to the performance of an ordinary lithium battery, the li-polymer coin battery also has a small size like a button. It is suitable for use in many high-precision electronic products, so it has a wide range of applications in the electronic digital field. For example, common computer motherboards and electronic watches in our lives, as well as electronic scales that we often use in our lives, and electric toys that children like to play with. The li-polymer coin battery has a charging function, which makes The li-polymer coin battery much more durable than ordinary batteries. If used reasonably, the service life will be very long. How should we reasonably use li-polymer coin battery? Below I will put forward some of my suggestions.

      First of all, the li-polymer coin battery does not need to discharge the battery before each charge, otherwise it will damage the battery and make the life of the battery unnecessary. Secondly, the time for the battery from the battery factory to reach the user can sometimes be very long. During this process, the battery electrode material will passivate, and the battery needs to be reactivated at this time. After the consumer buys the li-polymer coin battery, it is best to perform full charge and discharge processes for 3-5 times to eliminate the passivation of the electrode material and achieve the maximum capacity. The last is the charging time problem of the li-polymer coin battery. Many people may think that the higher the charging current, the faster the battery charging speed. In fact, the li-polymer coin battery has constant current and constant voltage charging characteristics, and it is charged within a constant current range of 0.5C to 1.5C, so the charging time of the li-polymer coin battery is relatively stable.

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